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Tracking the Narrative

This post will be a tutorial on setting up a powerful and free way to use Twitter and Discord as a news filtration engine.

End State

As you can see above – we have a discord server with channels that track a specific narrative. From here, we use various Twitter feeds that post headlines and then filter for those keywords.

In this case, it is looking at various Twitter feeds for anything mentioning "Fed", "Feds", etc.

This makes it easy to quickly read through the last week or so of fed talk. It also lets you search for a keyword, like inflation, and get a grip on the latest commentary on the issue.


  1. Make a discord server and have a Twitter account
  2. Set up channels for each narrative you want to track: FED, ECB, Inflation, OPEC, etc.
  3. Install and configure https://tweetshift.com/ on discord. Connect your Twitter account.
  4. Configure the Twitter accounts that post content relative to your narrative for each channel:

5. Go to your tweetshift dashboard, configure filters for each channel:

Tada! A super simple and powerful way to easily bucket commentary by keywords! (Yes I think this works a lot better than Tweet Deck's filtering...)

I still use Tweetdeck for realtime news but will use this if I want a quick recap on the fed talk or something similar.

You can expand the functionality from here and setup other alerts/tools to interact with the feed.